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Titan Industries Specializes in onsite service and installation in bulk fuel terminals and pipeline applications. From Additive Systems and tanks to VRU installations to the largest Butane Blending system currently in the US, Titan has specially trained crews ready to handle all of your installation and construction needs.


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Titan  Industries,  the  industry  leader  in  innovative  technology,  has  done  it  AGAIN!  Introducing  the  Titan MonoBlock.  Titan has taken an industry accepted, and popular product and taken it to the next level. Servicing  the  Titan  MonoBlock  becomes  easier  than  ever  with  access  to  both  the  check  valve,  and  strainer from the front of the block. Downtime is minimized, with no more working around, over or through conduit or other fittings. Simply loosen the cap, service either the check valve, or strainer and your right back online in a matter of minutes!

Designed  for  use  with  PLC’s,  Electronic  Presets,  TAS  systems,  or  smart  injectors.  The  Titan  Monoblock handles every application at your facility from Red Dye to Glycol! Coupled with our industry accepted Titan ProPac3 Batch Controller you have a rock solid, stand-alone system to take your facility to the next level. Engineering design concepts are always being considered and implemented keeping the Titan Monoblock in  front  of  the  competition.  We  at  Titan  Industries  have  rolled  the  Titan  Monoblock  into  many  applications.

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