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Titan Industries Specializes in onsite service and installation in bulk fuel terminals and pipeline applications. From Additive Systems and tanks to VRU installations to the largest Butane Blending system currently in the US, Titan has specially trained crews ready to handle all of your installation and construction needs.


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Titan Industries, continues pushing the envelope of injection system design with the  Titan ICM series iMPACt. Designed  to  run  up  to  4  additive  injectors,  the  iMPACt  provides a state of the art touchscreen LCD interface with the latest  in  communications  options  including  MODBus, Ethernet and optional cellular communications. An available  handheld  IR  remote  allows  ease  of  access  if  removing the explosion proof enclosure housing is not an option. Keeping  tabs  on  your  system  has  never  been  easier  with configurable email and SMS messaging options. Daily load information,  reports  and  alarm  summaries  can  be  sent  to key personnel to keep everyone in the loop. As well as, instantaneous  notification  of  operations  personnel  via  SMS messaging when a flow problem occurs to make sure maximum  uptime  24  hours  a  day,  7  days  a  week  even  without onsite  monitoring  or  in  unmanned  locations.  When  required  the  unit  can  output  directly  to  a  printer  to  provide load  documentation.  Additionally,  the  unit  keeps  an onboard data log of every load and alarm in a Microsoft Excel viewable file for record keeping purposes.

Though designed as one of the most robust units available, the  iMPACt  is  prepared  for  the  worst  at  all  times.  In  the event  of  a  hardware  failure,  all  load  data,  settings,  etc.  is kept on removable storage media, so commissioning a replacement unit takes seconds and requires almost no input from  the  operator.  Simply  move  the  media  card  from  the failed unit into a new unit, import the settings, and let the iMPACt take care of the rest. Engineering  design  concepts  are  always  being  considered and  implemented  keeping  Titan  in  front  of  the  competition. Feel free to review the attached specifications sheet or contact Titan Industries for more information.

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