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Titan Industries Specializes in onsite service and installation in bulk fuel terminals and pipeline applications. From Additive Systems and tanks to VRU installations to the largest Butane Blending system currently in the US, Titan has specially trained crews ready to handle all of your installation and construction needs.


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Titan Industries, Inc. introduced the first PAC-3 injector in 1989. Then, in 1994, Titan produced the ProPac3 Since that time, the ProPac3 has enjoyed a reputation as the most accurate and reliable additive injector in the world.  The ProPac Infinity™ injector is  the  latest  addition to the PAC-3 family. Titan  engineers totally redesigned the Infinity™ electronics, incorporating additional features that make the ProPac Infinity™ injector easier to install, program, and use; all while incorporating the most flexible platform currently available. The Titan ProPac Infinity™ additive injector is specifically designed to batch inject liquid chemical additives at petroleum product terminals. The ProPac Infinity™ incorporates patented hardware and software designed to accurately inject additive, thereby, insuring the additive/product ratio is always maintained within customer specifications. The ProPac Infinity™, when properly integrated into a users control system, can inject within 0.5% accuracy, thereby, attaining an excellent additive/product ratio. The injector includes features that will provide the highest level of EPA regulatory compliance. The ProPac Infinity™ can be repurposed to fill almost any additive injection role from standard batch injection, to ethanol and biodiesel blending.

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