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Titan Industries Specializes in onsite service and installation in bulk fuel terminals and pipeline applications. From Additive Systems and tanks to VRU installations to the largest Butane Blending system currently in the US, Titan has specially trained crews ready to handle all of your installation and construction needs.

Announcing the SafTPac and SafTCal!

Titan industries is excited to announce the release of the SAFTPAC and SAFTCAL safe touch injector series. Both of these revolutionary products are designed with the safety of your personnel and your facility in mind. Calibrations can now be conducted without exposure to any liquid additives or even vapors.  Our patented calibration cylinder displays accurate measurements of the chemical additive for calibration purposes and subsequently repurposes the additive via closed loop back into the tank during operation or the additive line depending on the state of the system. There is no risk of exposure or spills when properly installed virtually eliminating risk to the environment, personnel, and your facility. We have not even mentioned the cost benefit of the regaining previously lost product and the disposal procedures and requirements inherent in the old method.
The SAFTPAC is the new injector style complete with the revolutionary closed loop calibration cylinder while the SAFTCAL can be retrofitted into existing units to add the same safe injector handling to your existing units.
Shawn DeFoy, President of Operations for Titan Industries had this to say concerning the product release. “The addition of the SAFTPAC and SAFTCAL product lines to Titan Industries tried and true injector systems adds a dimension that no one else in the industry can match.  We take the health and safety of our customers very seriously so we developed a product that virtually eliminates the risk of exposure to personnel, the facility, and the environment.  I cannot fathom why anyone would continue to use injectors without this functionality in today’s safety conscious world.”


Titan SafTPac

Titan SafTCal

Both products are immediately available for purchase and installation.  Please contact Titan Industries for more information at or visit our website at

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